Acting on the recommendations of the National Prevention Mechanism (NPM), Institute for children and youth Education in Niš - Center for accommodation of unaccompanied foreign minors, began with mandatory medical examinations juvenile foreigners without accompanying when they admitted to the Institute. The medical examinations on receipt, predicted in "Rulebook on the admission and release of juvenile foreigners without the escort of a parent or guardian". In accordance with the recommendation NPM to provide with accommodation unaccompanied minors in the Institute and after their expressed intention to seek asylum in the Republic of Serbia, in order to provide their best interests and ensure most adequate living conditions, Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' Affairs and Social Affairs in reply stated that persons who expressed intention to seek asylum in Republic of Serbia are provide with accommodation in some of the asylum centers.

On April 3, 2017, NPM visited Center for accommodation of unaccompanied foreign minors, as part of the Institute for children and youth education in Nis, with the aim of monitoring the actions of the competent authorities towards unaccompanied minors, about wich was made a report with recommendations for elimination of observed shortcomings.

Acting on the recommendations of National Prevention Mechanism (NPM), referred in the Report on the Visit to Shelter for foreigners, Ministry of Interior submitted a response stating that the projects funded by the Swiss Embassy in Belgrade and International Organization for Migration (IOM), defined funds for adaptation and expansion of accommodation capacities in the Shelter. In the framework of the adaptation of facility, it is planned adaptation children's room and provide a doctor's office. However, the constant presence of medical staff at the Shelter for foreigners currently is not possible due to lack of financial and personnel capabilities. For the needs of foreigners, bedclothes and adequate hygiene packages were provided.

In order to ensure clear and precise communication between police officers and foreigners in the future, part of funds from project funded by the Swiss Embassy are defined and for the engagement of translators in the Shelter. The competent ministry will also provide the necessary number of police officers and fill out vacant posts, in order to ensure that the visits last for at least one hour.

On June 9 this year, NPM visited Shelter for foreigners in order to monitor actions of competent authorities on recommendations addressed in the Report from 2016 . After the visit, a report with recommendations was made for further improvement.

Download this file (ENG Izvestaj Padinsk Skela.pdf)Report on visit

Acting on the recommendation of National Prevention Mechanism (NPM) addressed in the Report on the visit to the Reception Center in Obrenovac, all migrants placed in the Reception Center have been registered and issued their identification cards. In addition, Commissariat for Refugees and Migration informed NPM that, following the previous NPM recommendation from February this year, accommodation conditions in two facilities were adapted and adjusted to persons with disabilities.

On 8 June, NPM visited Reception Center in Obrenovac, about which was made Report with recommendation for removing observed shortcomings in the work. Before that, Reception Center in Obrenovac was visited on February 3 this year.

The Ćuprija Prison informed the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) that the prison director issued an action plan for the implementation of the recommendations, immediately after receiving the Report on the visit to the Prison. At the same time, the Ćuprija Prison reported to NPM that, acting on recommendations, among other things, each person deprived of liberty was provided with sufficient space in the dormitories and that the director established regular visits to them. In addition, shortcomings in terms of documenting injuries and fixation method have been corrected. The way of monitoring and evaluating the fulfillment of individual treatment goals has been enhanced, the possibilities of working engagement of the prisoners have been extended and they have been enabled to engage in primary education.

In accordance with the recommendations of the NPM, in the future, all persons kept for up to 48 hours on the basisc of the Criminal Procedure Code, which the Jagodina Police Directorate is holding in the premises of the Ćuprija Prison, will be placed in distinct dormitories, separated from other categories of detainees. Also, to all these persons, police officers will hand over written notices of rights.

Regarding the other recommendations issued to the Ćuprija Prison, the NPM was informed that certain measures are being taken with a view to their fulfillment and realization, which will be followed in the future activities of the NPM.

The NPM visited the Ćuprija Prison on April 25, 2017, about which Reports were made for the competent authorities with recommendations for correcting the irregularities detected during the visit.

The Novi Pazar Police Directorate has renovated the toilet that is used by police officers and citizens at the headquarters of this Police Directorate, for which the National Preventive Mechanism, during it's visit to the PD, found it to be in extremely poor condition.

The NPM is convinced that providing adequate working conditions of police and other law enforcement officers is one of the important preconditions for their proper treatment of persons deprived of their liberty and other citizens and that officers who feel appreciated and respected at work will more likely apply these values ​​to the treatment of citizens. Therefore, when visiting the places of detention, the NPM monitors the working conditions of the officers who treat persons deprived of their liberty and makes recommendations for creating conditions that will enable them to carry out their duties correctly.

The NPM visited the Novi Pazar PD on March 16, 2017.